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Soil Moisture Measurement Sensor Temperature and Humidity Detector with 3 Pin

The soil moisture and temperature meter is a high functional and digital display soil tester, it can quickly test the moisture of different kinds of soil. The tester is precision, quick, stable, wide

Soil Moisture Measurement Sensor Temperature and Humidity Detector with 3 Pin

The soil moisture meter is a high functional and digital display soil tester, it can quickly test the moisture of different kinds of soil. The soil meter is precision, quick, stable, wide range, display clear, portable and easy to test.


1. Imported high quality soil sensor and chips, grouped in China

2. Special design of soil meter, with a great penetration of soil.

3. Unique sensing technology, with a wide working range and quick display.

4. High quality soil moisture sensor with Stable sensing ability.

5. Portable design and easy testing

6. Low power consumption, reliable function

7. IP68 soil meter, with fully water proof function

Soil moisture sensor parameters
Power Supply
12v-24v DC

Output Singal

Installation method
Fully embedded or all probes inserted into the test medium
Protection Level
Response time<1s
Moisture Range
Moisture Accuracy±3% of reading(0~53%)  ±5% of reading (53%~100%)
Temperature Range-40 - 80℃
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃





Excellect sealing performanceStainless steel probes
Waterproof & vanti-corrosive shell
The high-density epoxy resin is filled between the soil sensor body and probe, prevent moisture entering.Anti-rust, non-electrolytic, salt and alkali resistant, suitable for a variety of soils.Ensure stable monitoring of components, the soil meter body is waterfroof and reach IP68 protection level








1.Soil Moisture Meter Instructions

1.1 Quick test method

Select a suitable measurement location, avoid stones, and ensure that the steel needle does not touch hard objects. Discard the topsoil according to the required measurement depth, and maintain the original tightness of the soil below. Hold the soil meter vertically and insert it into the soil. It is not allowed to shake left and right, it is recommended to measure multiple times to find the average value within a small range of one measurement point.

1.2 Buried survey

Vertically dig a pit with a diameter of> 20cm, insert the soil meter steel needle horizontally into the pit wall at a predetermined depth, bury the pit tightly, and stabilize it for a period of time, then you can perform continuous measurement for several days, months, or even longer.

1.3 Precautions

1). All steel needles must be inserted into the soil during measurement.

2). Avoid direct sunlight on the soil meter, which will cause excessive temperature. Pay attention to lightning protection in the field.

3). Do not bend the steel needle violently, do not pull the soil meter lead wire with force, and do not beat or violently hit the sensor.

4). The protection grade of the soil meter is IP68, which can soak the soil sensor in water.

5). Due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it should not be energized in the air for a long time.

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Q1: Are you factory or trading company?

        Original Factory. Offer professional OEM and ODM service for IoT sensors,  to industrial, agricultral, environment-protection, water quality monitoring projects solutions.

Q2: Can I buy one sample?

        Yep! Our MOQ is down to 1pc.

Q3: What is your production Capacity?

        General Production Capacity: 10K units/month;

Q4: Shipping Method & Time

       - Express: door to door include import duty. DHL/UPS/Fedex, etc.

       - Sea/Air: depends on location per buyers' requests.

Q5: Soil meter Lead Time?

      1. Sample Order: 1-2 workdays

      2. Bulk: 3-15 working days. Depends on model# and qty.

Q6: Soil meter Warranty

       Valid for 12 months since shipment. 6months for probes.

Q7: Aftersales Service

        One on one service. Free Cloud service, software, calibration.

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